We have a big vision because of our big dreams and our big thinking.

We have visualized a private security sector which is far more advanced and efficient in both technological and brute manpower terms.

Resetting the standards, providing quality services and digitalization of this industry are some of the various aims that we have in mind. We strive to provide transparency so that the business becomes convenient for the clients, professionals, and agencies working together. This will help us reduce the cases of frauds, which might be occasional but they do happen.

We aim to make the system such that the resource utilization is optimum and both the clients and the security service providers get the maximum value for their investments.

Now we have already been introduced to the digitalization of various industries already. We can get food, medicines and various other commodities delivered to our doorstep today. Money is going digital too. The government has introduced BHIM based on UPI to facilitate online transactions today. E-commerce is almost at the pinnacle and we don’t see a limit to it. E-commerce is going infinity and beyond. And today one of the ways to fast-track any industry at lightning speed and make its growth unstoppable is to take it on the digital platform and reintroduce it in a new way making it unimaginably much more efficient than before.

And so we are doing that. We are taking the industry of Private Physical Security on a digital platform and making it much more structured. There are websites of all kinds of private agencies providing security. But we are different. We are a network, generating leads for various agencies according to the client’s needs. So like any online website where you can browse the products and choose wisely, here you can choose the kind of services you need from the various roster of agencies and compare. In this way, we aim to digitalize the private security industry, which has been kind of yellow pages based.

According to a report published by FICCI- Grant Thornton in 2015, the Private Security Sector in India was destined to grow exponentially at the rate of 20% by 2020 and had the potential to become 800 billion worth industry.

And we believe these facts. We are here to play our part in the growth of this industry.

The booming industry also has tremendous potential as an employment generator, as the report suggested too. Till now the jobs for this industry could be found mainly in the classified sections of the newspaper. But we are visualizing to make the industry more technology efficient as we said earlier. So we have dedicated a section for agencies and professionals that will show available contracts from all over the nation and the agencies and professionals can apply for them. The benefit of this will be that usually, the ads in the classified section are local, whereas now we are connected to a wide area and can cater more extensively. This will help in the growth of the private security industry as now the work will be more diversified. Also, the clients will be able to choose from a big roster of security service providers, having better options even from outside their areas.

Transparency will come in the system as we will make it able for the clients to compare various security service providers by the remarks on their services from previous customers and the rating system incorporated will make it easier to choose. Thus the clients will be able to decide according to their needs perfectly. Whether they need a watchman, personal bodyguard or a bouncer, they will be able to find it easily.

And all the paperwork needs of the agencies will be handled by us, thus giving them time to solely focus on more important subjects.

Female officials in a male dominant private security industry :

We are also aiming to inspire, train and set more females in the field of the private security sector. The industry till now have been a male dominant industry, and we have an aim to change this. Today more and more contracts are appearing which require the finesse and delicacy on the job that only a female professional can truly serve. And then there are also special jobs requiring a female professional. Personal Women bodyguards are in demand for a lot of reasons like they make children and women feel safer and they are easy to connect with. But we currently do not have that much trained female personnel working in the industry.

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