What is our mission? It is simple.

We are on a mission to shape the Private Security Sector into a force so intimidating that one day the criminals and terrorists will be scared to even come out of their hiding holes and commit crimes. And that day people might not need our security services anymore. And we will rest happily that day and prepare ourselves in case anyone needs us again.

But right now we know that the situation is far from it and only getting worse. The crime rates have disgustingly increased only. And the crimes have become heinous beyond imagination. And then there is the constant threat of terrorism. New extremist groups are being made every day. So we realize that it is all chaos and anarchy out there, and if it is left unchecked, the consequences shall be dire.

Our team here at Security Troops stands strong in the fight against this anarchy and believes in the core values of kindness, morality, love, and honor and we will protect those who can’t protect themselves. We are dedicated to safeguarding your right to a life free of fear and full of happiness. So that you can focus on the job at hand without looking over your shoulder and fearing for your valuables and your loved ones.

We have a mission of making every enterprise, every home and every person that we look out for, untouchable by these predators. New businesses shall prosper under our protection. Families shall sleep peacefully under their roof, as we stand watch over them like their guardian angels. You may walk the streets freely again knowing that the two hired hands walking behind you aren’t just for show and are a force to be reckoned with. Every person hiring us shall leave their paranoia behind with us.

We will make banks safe again so that both employees and clients of the bank can do their transactions peacefully without fearing about a holdup. We will make carnivals enjoyable again so that parents can enjoy the family time with their children without fearing about any kind of terrorist attack, and we will make educational institutions into places where the future generation can learn peacefully, turning into exemplary citizens of this nation. And we will do a lot more…

And we have a mission of reaching out to all those professionals and agencies who are good at what they do, but what they do is not very good ( if you know what we mean ), whose talents are being wasted on jobs that aren't suitable for them. We want to show them the path to their true potential. We want to turn the blunt instruments of this security sector, who get the job done, but not like an artist or master of the trade, into scalpels so sharp and precise, that their work will define them.

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