Want to Become a Female Security Guard? Here's is The Inside Details

Want to Become a Female Security Guard? Here's is The Inside Details

Social and Legal discrimination against women a major obstacle in emerging and developing countries, but in the current scenario women getting open gender discrimination is disappearing, many women joining the pods with sticks with their men, there are making her own identity to remove partiality between the genders, Nowadays women taking up a job in equal to men with equal dedication, power, and confidence. One such challenging Job for women is that of Female bodyguards, who have the capacity to approach more than one work at a time, in many different establishments, including, office, hospitals, retail stores, stadiums, government agencies, courthouses, airports, with celebrities, personal guard, etc. Female bodyguard don’t need to be an effective wrestler but qualifications to be a female security guard are they need to be physically fit, alert, challenging, good observation, Excellent communication, and decision-making skills, honest, ability to serve client needs, effective listening skills, must be vigilant, polite and courteous.


Women security guard candidates should complete undergraduate or Postgraduate or for some positions degree also not a necessity, must have interpersonal skills and more. Female bodyguards should be trained in various situations; they also trained for all sensitive situations like safety for women, cultural issues. Some more are mentioned above in the following figure:

  • Aged 18 or over,

  • Passed from criminal records,

  • Self Defense,

  • First Aid,

  • Soft Skills,

  • Fire safety,

  • Handling Security Equipments,

  • Personality Development,

  • Etiquette,

  • Ability to write short reports and follow written instructions easily,

  • Confidence to challenge people when necessary,

  • Ability to take initiatives,

  • Ability to work with technical equipment, etc.

Academic Qualifications

There are no strict rules for a Women security guard to complete their education. Get learn about the education relates to security, get some small review about needs, training, career paths of a Female security guard. Some communities offer or college will provide security guard training programs to lead certificates benefits in your future job. Mostly employees obtain instruction on the job, in which live training, cases, vary on depth is given responsibilities by the employer to you & also not required if you have the extra stamina and quick responsiveness as a front guy wants from you. Clients or Employers prefer to hire Female bodyguard’s at least she completed her High School and have some diplomas.

First and Foremost, a valid clear criminal record is a basic requirement to work as the women's security guard. It is the respectable and highly recommendable job of current scenario for instance, if you are kind that strong sense for duty, loves, protecting others or to your employer having goof eye on detail means you’ll be tasked for screening and greeting everyone entering- going, monitor sites to prevent theft other harmful situations. Your focus on such activities is your real duty. There is no need for any previous security experience training is delivered effectively on-the-job training and mentoring. They merely learn to handle situations, dress up well, you have to ensure about safety and security of all of your clients and employers. The world is your oyster female bodyguards having many opportunities in the field of law, security, and public safety; it is important which aspects of the job you like to do most so you can pinpoint the direction you’d like your career to take.

Some Skills you need to Survive with it because we are not far away from the truth that in this profession we need a large range of skills to be part of this field for the long run:

Being a women security guard is more than just patrolling your surroundings, need to adopt a number of different conditions and demands in order to successfully perform to your job,

There is a high need for Female bodyguard to be highly trained with technology which is ever-changing with a second, familiar with many devices and systems, join training in continuity if you want new learnings,

Sometimes you have to use your common sense and quick thinking via response imperative before the situation gets uncontrolled,

Communication is the most important skill which important for most of the jobs, it's your role to follow the protocol and communication orders, which become necessary when working with a large crowd or with the general public to ensure safety.

Career Paths

It is easier to be entering with good training and marketing skills that you can be the manager of your team to handle all hazards or you have the choice to open your own security business. By receiving an advance and additional training might be you get good opportunities, celebrity guard, politicians’ security guard, patrolling, securing, and monitoring premises, guarding cash, airport, metro, railway security, supervising guards in a large organization. Some works also need driving, for cash or valuable transit. Those with the high-grade certificates or games certificate can get a better opportunity, nowadays preference for Hot bodyguards is admirable for better services, with an associate's degree in criminal justice paid better and get paid more. Due to time, you could progress to a senior female security guard or the supervisor.  The more you learn about security, the more good scale, position, and status you have.

A lady when in professional or if she is at the home dire need of Female security guard or sometimes they need to travel with them till office premises or to any other city, they can immediately contact for the services of female bodyguards online or offline. A court has made Women security guard mandatory in government schools for girls in New Delhi. Women Politicians use the services of Female bodyguards purposefully.

It’s the concern of everyone from top to toe about safety, crime, terrorism, any kind of hazards, female safety, etc. and as a result, there are huge opportunities for those who really need wants to become Female Bodyguards. For Surveillance purpose women security guards are needs for both day and night shifts, it is easy to communicate or to discuss certain problems against women, the trend of female bodyguard are gaining heights in many places which are highly used by women clients. Job opportunities, business are faster growth rates than previous years if you belong to such places or easy to migrate everyone needs security from individual to company or group either any event or show, than move forward and ensure safety for women and others too.

Your experience also drives by perfection by providing security consultancy to people who are not reliable and worthing or by giving chance to do placements under the strict supervision of professionals by providing skills and training by following industrial norms and market requirements. A career as Female bodyguards is often an overlooked profession in today’s culture. Female security guard plays a very vital role in many aspects of today’s business, lifestyle, from individual life to malls or construction sites. Huge demand shines the way into what it takes to excel in the role.

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