The Rise of Female Bodyguard in India

The Rise of Female Bodyguard in India

In Past years we all heard security guarding merely done by male security guards but nowadays more and more women participating and indulging as a Female security guard. Security is not all about brute strength; it is that you combine your intuition and instinct with all those qualities and knowledgeable security skills to avoid threats or to minimize risk as soon as possible to the earliest stage. Demands for female security guards are growing faster because in some situations better soft skills required, after getting what is happening effective reaction is required, Female bodyguard job is to remain visible as a deterrent to criminals but their eyes and ears must always remain alert for suspicious activities, sounds happening surrounds them. Duties of Women security guards are not only to deter criminals; they also have to act as a greeter or assist others while analyzing their objective, which is not done better than by anyone else.

Why They Are Prefered?

This is the fact that in many instances Female security guards are often preferred everywhere nowadays;

  • Women by their nature are naturally good at dealing with conflict and

  • Good at adapting the negotiation style of resolution that has a calming influence.

  • In many situations, Female security guards are often seen as a friendly face especially in large-scale events because of this it has seen that in an antagonistic situation often has the opposite effect when dealt with by a female bodyguard.

  • The female security guard also has access to places that their male can’t counterparts including toilets, restrooms, changing rooms, they also have rights to stop and search female, it would have been easy for any females to hide drugs or weapons, it is safe for the ladies knowledge that they wouldn’t have to worry about being physically searched.

  • Female bodyguards are hiring for their ability which they have from birth as a specialty of caring as a mother and all other roles coveted by he, she got security for employer’s assets, teens, child care protection, ladies protection, hostel security, etc.

  • In addition, Female bodyguards have some highly prized skills the ability to listen carefully, utilize intuitive skills, and successfully manage conflict situations nearby to them.

  • They mostly hired for or examining suspicious activity or watching people’s personal items, some even monitor traffic and direct parking at sporting events.

  • The Women security guard now hired by colleges also to make a sure comforting zone for girl students to have women security around, posted near the gates, and take care of checking visitors and ensuring girls walk on the pathways, safety at hostel roads, etc.

  • Female security guard control access to entrances airport, malls, metro station, stadium, theatres, courthouses, government agencies, for protection of celebrities, individual, female staff, personal security, parking security, the dressing room at malls, help ensures property with personal safety, employees, residents, working patrol and provide a wide variety of settings including shopping malls, banks, entertainment venues, hospitals, etc.

The First Choice of Celebrities Across the Globe

In a recent media conclave, we heard that Badshah Khan hired Female security guard personnel, the actor is taking all the required safety precautions these days from his massive fan following all over the world and never know which fan become fantastic like his Film “FAN”, the megastar SRK revealed that his Female bodyguard who can save him and no one else from his huge female following who tries come near to him and touch him naturally. When high profile celebs are hiring Female bodyguards so results automatically in front of us The rise of a Female bodyguard in India. Bodyguard nations also come forward with both men's and women's contributions to the exact security, services provided by all the individuals.  We have seen a rise in requests for female bodyguards by high profile parties, where employers are wearing high-value jewelry and request a low profile surveillance option.

In the security profession nor your gender doesn’t make you better neither your tree-trunk size, it is all about how well you perform a specific task, meet or adapt to an employer's specific need. Working in a number of capacities, they are required trespassers, monitor entrances, and conduct regular rounds. As we heard about that Four females deployed on ships patrolling maritime borders with Pakistan, which is history in India itself, it is a major step towards empowering female bodyguards and greater gender parity.

The Perfect Companions For Female

A female mostly accompanied by a female bodyguard, natural fit, less obstructive, doing gender roles, can act as a protector, housekeepers, and babysitters. If you have small kid Women security guards take them to the park, outdoors, or help to pick them from school and it looks almost like a nanny.  Female security guards are comfortable while shopping or in restaurants or any other place with a client without drawing attention. Professional female bodyguards, who want to work hard, apply her efforts, and always take pride in their profession, constantly enhancing their skills even after more and more experience they have already.

Moreover now parents are too protective for their children even if they get married, parents generally need Women security guard protection and management of her to be Bride Daughter, female bodyguards start their duty during the first event of marriage and end after the event. Some close protection operation is done by female security guards like Protective Escort –surveillance and counter-surveillance, protection intelligence and advance operations, First Aid, Basic pistol training & Firearms Safety, Principles of executive protection, behavioral intelligence and attack recognition, and event & estate security. Moreover, many security firms are recruiting women security guards for those who prefer to have a female presence at their venue, events, store, etc.

Eventually, a Female security guard can bring an element of diversity and different ways of looking at the problem with their emancipation in various areas of life with power, tough and accurate in making the decision are some characteristics of women, intensely passionate about true inclusiveness and empowerment of female bodyguards. Burden and responsibilities of a Women security guard are much more than a mother she is in her second role play, women act upon her ability to be competitive. 

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