The Defence Tactics to Strengthen Security of Your Home and Prevent Home Invasion

The Defence Tactics to Strengthen Security of Your Home and Prevent Home Invasion

The Defence Tactics to Strengthen Security of Your Home and Prevent Home Invasion

Every day criminals are getting bolder and are committing heinous crimes. So it comes naturally that you should know how to protect your home, assets, and family. The first thing you should understand is that a home invasion is different from a regular burglary. A burglary happens when you are away from home and someone breaks into your empty house and steals your valuables. But the home invasion is a situation when criminals break into your house when you are in there with your loved ones and hold you, hostage, to steal from you, or victimize you and in unfortunate cases commit a sexual assault.

So we are here to help you and tell you how you can increase the security of your home. The thing you should understand is that no amount of security is actually failing proof. But the deterrents can buy you time and can demotivate the criminal from victimizing you. Because even the criminals go for places which are easy targets. So if your home has a high amount of security you can rest peacefully much more than your neighbor who doesn’t have security at all.

We will also tell you some steps to take in case of a home invasion so that you can get out of the miserable situation unscathed.

Things you can do to prevent home invasion and bump up the security:

  1. Install motion-sensing lights

    Motion sensor lights are a good way to scare off any unwanted guests. Criminals usually break into a property during night-time. They prefer dark due to the reason that identification and the chances of them being spotted becomes negligible. So when the light gets turned on suddenly due to motion and illuminates their faces it will be an unpleasant surprise for them and they will scare off. Motion sensor lights are surely a good way of improving your home security.

  2. Install cameras in and around your home and put up signs - ”Smile, you are under surveillance”.

    The simple fact that you have cameras installed around your property doing surveillance 24/7 and signs exclaiming it will scare off most of the perpetrators and automatically reinforce your security. Good quality cameras will also alert you beforehand if in any case someone still breaks into your property. Hence giving you time to take necessary actions like calling the local police and retreating to a safe place with all your family members into the home. This type of equipment can be installed by taking services from any kind of private security agency.

  3. High-quality locks, reinforced windows, window frames, doors, and door-frames

    The security of your home is as strong as the strength of the above-mentioned items. As the doors and windows are the places that facilitate the entry and exit from a house. So make sure that the doors and windows are reinforced and cannot be broken easily with force. The windows should have such frames that even if the glass is broken, entry is not possible. And the doors must have locks which cannot be broken like dead-bolts. Doors can be reinforced with steel plates to prevent kicking in. and the frames should also be strong which hold the doors.

  4. Have a team of security guards and watchmen around the house

    One of the most foolproof solutions to unbreakable security is to have a team of security guards around your place. Obviously, it is a bit costly than other solutions and a bit uncomfortable too as it will make your house stand out, and obviously, you will always have guards roaming in your property. So this option is only opted by those people who have a serious probability of threat due to many reasons. But it is a sure way that your security will never get breached and you can live peacefully.

    This type of private security is a boon in today’s world. Bodyguards, doorman, and security guards all come in handy in these situations.

  5. The man’s best friend (Pets)

Owning a dog as a pet is a good way of ensuring your family’s security. And if you have a professional guard dog, it is even better. But beware that guard dogs are not sometimes the model pets as they have different behavior than normal dogs. They are a bit more aggressive. But in any way, if you have a dog, it will surely increase your home’s security. They can sniff out and protect you against threats and will be easily roused up and start barking at night at something out of the usual.