The Important Security Guard Duties And Responsibilities That We Must be Aware Of

The Important Security Guard Duties And Responsibilities That We Must be Aware Of

The security guard duties and responsibilities are in great number and they all cannot be explained in writing. However, some of the prime security guard duties and responsibilities are as follows:

1. The reality of personal security:

Our expectations about personal safety should be kept realistic because it is truly a professional service. Which we can get through any security companies or/and private security agencies.

Those who are trained to handle corporate officers, politicians as well as bureaucrats are given executive protection. Whereas talent protection protects celebrities, actors, athletes, and high-profile people or individuals. As security services, we can hire gun-men, bodyguards, bouncers, security guards through security companies.

2. Different Concept of Different Countries

The US or Canada does not have any provision for national civilian training standards, unlike the UK. In the US or Canada, titles such as Executive Protection, Protective Services, Personal Protection, or Personal Security are used.

Today everyone in the world needs security services. Every country has its own security protocol. Today each and every country needs security companies and/or private security services from which even common people can also hire security services like security guards, bodyguards, bouncers, and gunmen for their security.

3. Different Training Procedures

Like the Secret Security Service, the best individuals are proactive and intelligent educated professionals who are trained to prevent a threat to your welfare. On the contrary, there are specialists with the stereotypical 400-pound thugs working for Miley Cyrus or Sandra Bullock. Such bodyguards lack the arduous specialized training are only able to react to a threat.

Every security companies in each country have their own separate training procedure. Where they are given all types of training such as event security, home security, bank security, school security, etc.

4. The license of Security Guard

You need to look on the web for your state’s private security company rules and regulations. The license for Personal Protection Officer will be required by the candidates who will work for you. The majority of states do not have any requirements other than a Concealed Handgun License whereas a few have very stringent training requirements and the rest have very low training requirements that do not even meet the professionally recognized minimum training standards. Such licenses have names like Personal Protection Officer, or it is even named as Bodyguard Specialist. These licenses are required for an individual to work for you or the client. Most licenses are acquired with less training that anyone can own if they have a Security Guard license plus hundred bucks to pay for a Bodyguard training.

5. The Documents of Security Guards

A candidate should be asked to produce an original copy of their DD214 if he claims to be a member of a US military Special Operations Force. This document is issued to all erstwhile military service members. It will give you the names of the schools they graduated from and also their professional character while in the service. If they tend to claim that their background is Classified, then they are lying to you. However, the only thing that is classified would be missions they took part in. Document required in India for joining a security company or agency need all original or photocopy of candidate document such as Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Education certificate, and Police verification. 

6. The Agreement

Ensure to get a photocopy of the applicant’s chauffeur’s license, Social Security card, and other professional certificates. Make it mandatory to conduct a background check on the internet and pay for a simple criminal history check. Also, to ensure that every candidate signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (available for free on the Internet) before discussing your personal information.

These were some of the top security guard duties and responsibilities that we must all know about.

7. Be visible

Visible is an important part of the security guard. The presence of an official person can keep people in line and prevent someone who may try something illegal or inappropriate from acting.

A good security guard must be both clear and discrete at the same time. Positioning is important in high-traffic areas and creates a sense of security.

Security guards are maintained for many types of security services such as Security services for guard, Security services for bouncer, Security Escort service, Security services for residence, Security services for office, Security services for the bank, Armed security services.

So the duty of the security guard is that they should understand their responsibilities at every place and do their work honestly.

8. Always alert

A security guard should always be aware of his surroundings. A simple ocular patdown of people in your line of sight should be standard practice. Just smell, sight and a deep sense of hearing will aid your alertness.

How important is your sense as a Security Guard? If you can smell a burn or a chemical leak and the direction where it is coming from, the authorities can be alerted quickly. If you see or hear something strange, you can act immediately.

9. Be vigilant

A security guard will have to keep an eye out for anything that could mean danger. Their power of seeing, hearing, and smelling must always be activated. A security guard should also be able to explain what his intuition tells him.

10. Be natural

Sensitizing a disaster is not enough. It is necessary to have a security guard to deal with any emergency. He has to be careful and alert at all times to ensure complete security measures. A good security guard knows how to respond to various crisis situations.

11. Monitor and report

When a dangerous situation is brought under control, a security guard does not rest. It should be monitored for any more potential hazards. Also, the incident should be reported to the supervisor and the police. In this way, other security measures will be taken to avoid similar incidents in the future.

12. Maintain order

Generally, security guards are present at large ceremonies, such as parties and religious or political ceremonies. In such gatherings, security guards have to maintain law and order among the crowd.

13. Perform special duties

A security guard, who is hired by a person, has some other responsibilities. Their responsibilities may include receiving calls and answering messages and emails.

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