Love Your Security? Then You Must Follow These Security Blogs

Love Your Security? Then You Must Follow These Security Blogs

Are you safe from intruders? Whether it comes to your home security, personal security, or cybersecurity, we are just afraid of not losing our valuable things. When we think of an ideal world, we hope that we do not have to hide our things with the fear of them being stolen away, though we all know it would never be possible. The reality is somewhat different. We have had to hide our things and it is the absolute necessity. And when it comes to finding a place to store our item or to secure ourselves and our private information over the internet, careful consideration must be made so that in the end we do not have to regret it. We have to closely look into everything to find a better option for our security.

There are many security vendors around you but we are confused about finding the right one. There is no quick answer to this question but the main thing is how much we are benefited from their knowledge and insight.

In this article we have focused on some of the security blogs you must follow to be in a secure position, be it home security or cybersecurity. Let us start with home and personal security.

Home security blogs to follow:

Carolina Security Technologies

Thinking about the best security blogs for your home or business? Then this is the right place to choose. They have also won security services awards. They are providing home and business security services and security system monitoring. You just have to tell them and they would give you the best solution to be made for your own security. They offer all types of services like installing a camera, protecting business with access control, fire alarm monitoring and their specialty is stereo system installation. Every other company would do the same, but their work makes them different.

Worried about the expense of all these things to be involved? Then you should again have one look over the prices they are offering and the special offers that are being offered to you. There is much more to their services and for that, you can visit their security blog.

Excite Home Security

Just open their security blog and you will find all sorts of security services they are providing to you. Just name it and it will be there. For example – alarm systems; be it connection-oriented or wireless along with alarm accessories, camera accessories, sensor detectors. They are also providing you with an offer or a safe bet it homes safe or safety deposit box. Not only home security but excite home security is also providing you way to keep yourselves safe for instance they tell you how to react quickly if your safety is in jeopardy if you are being staked.

They believe that careful considerations must be made when it is about the security of your home as it is directly related to your loved ones. They have the money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and this shows that they are confident with what they are offering and that you will adore it.

Check out their security blogs for more information.

Vector security

This security blog has somewhat different strategies for you to carry out for home security and they have named it as Neighborhood Watch Program which would help you to fight crime for a safer community and create awareness.

They are providing you protection from intruders to monitored fire alarms and enjoy your peace at home. For this they also have mobile solutions so that you do not have to worry to visit them each time, you can now also access it on your computer or smartphone.

They believe that when it comes to security what is right for one customer may not be right for the other so why to compromise and that is why they have created a quality security solution that would fit your needs.

Cybersecurity blogs to follow:

Krebs on Security

Nowadays it has become common to hear that someone has been hacked by someone. In today’s world when everything is getting more online and that is why people are worried about their security online. The face behind the security blog, Krebs on Security is Brain Krebs who got the idea about this company when he himself was hacked in 2001. It is one of the most known names in today’s security landscape. If you looking for an online security solution, then you have knocked on the right door. They look over every issue such as privacy breaches, cybercriminals, hacking and security from phony reviews, etc.

They focus on providing services for the most sensitive customer data, correcting the record on video prosecutions, Equifax, credit freeze and much more to go.

Graham Cluley

This security blog fetches you with the latest security news, opinion, and advice. He has written the first window’s version of Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit. He was the spokesperson and editor of Sophos’s Naked Security site.

You can thoroughly go through his blogs regarding the services and security related to cybercrimes.

Schneier on Security

Are you any safer even after doing the best you can do?

The question has been aroused by Bruce Schneier, the world’s most foremost authority on computer security. Bruce Schneier has explored security issues such as protecting your password to illegal wiretapping. Reading these security blogs you’ll discover why data mining will never protect us from terrorists, why computer security is a fundamental issue, why we overestimate some risks and underestimate others, and much more.

UMSA Security Blog

Upper Midwest Security Alliance is an association of security and risk-related organizations. To provide you with better opportunities for a stronger security foundation for organizations, they have collaborated with professionals associations and educators. They are also providing cybersecurity tips to the seniors and knowledge about how to choose home security systems.

These are just some of the examples of some security blogs you must follow. But the list doesn’t end here. And the most important thing to be taken into consideration is how well do you think and react to the security issues. Ask yourselves some questions before comparing the security vendors because, in the end, all this is affecting you and your loved ones.