How To Keep Yourself Motivated at a Security Guard/ Watchman Job

How To Keep Yourself Motivated at a Security Guard/ Watchman Job

If you are a security guard, you must be accustomed to the fact that your job can get pretty slow after some days. The motivation to be the best at your security job fades away slowly after the first few days of the job as you keep standing day after day at your assigned job, without anything happening. And you get bored, feel energyless, and have the constant feeling that your life is going down the drain. So what can you do to keep yourself motivated at the job? How to keep yourself always ready for action?

  1. What is the reason you are doing this job as a security guard?

    Maybe it is a part-time job. Maybe it’s just for the sake of money. But it doesn’t matter. The thing you should always remember is that the job you are doing of the security guard is of great value as you are literally protecting other people and keeping them safe. Being a security guard is very respectable and a decent cause. So this should be enough to keep you feeling appreciative of yourself that you are helping and safeguarding people.

  2. Seek opportunities for engagement with the crowd or customers

    Sitting all day guarding a spot without any activity is surely boredom and might even make you fall asleep. So a good way to spend your time being a security guard is to interact with people around you. The people visiting your place are a good opportunity to get engaged. But make sure you are not standing there talking all day. Engaging with people around you will reap a lot of benefits for you. Like:

    1. Firstly it will keep your mind running and active.

    2. It will increase your credibility at the workspace. People will commend you if you are polite and helping other people around you.

    3. Anyone suspicious won’t talk to you in a normal easy manner. This might tip you off about anything unusual about that particular person and you can alert other security guards around you to keep an eye on that person. This might prevent anything unfortunate from happening.

  3. Sharing your training and elevating your knowledge

    If you are teamed up with someone or there are other security guards around you, you can talk to them about your training and field experiences. This will keep you engaged and will also elevate your knowledge about the security job, making you better at it.

    Maybe the other security guards have had better training from some other private security company. Maybe the other security guard has had more real-life experiences in the security job than you. It can all be helpful to groom you as a better security provider.

  4. Think of the ways the security at your place can be thwarted and imagine scenarios that might happen

    To keep yourself active you don’t always have to be engaged with someone else. While alone on the security guard job you can always observe your surroundings and people visiting the place and think of the ways anyone might commit a crime. While keeping your mind running this will benefit you as you might predict someone’s suspicious behavior, or you might find major loopholes in the security system of the place.

    Then this also helps in a way that when you are thinking of scenarios that might happen, you are making your brain accustomed to the fact that something bad might happen and so when it happens you won’t be surprised and snap into action immediately. Hence responding and neutralizing the situation/securing the place as fast as possible. So keep thinking of scenarios and possible responses that might have to do

  5. Your body needs attention

    Don’t neglect your body. Doing night shifts and standing for long hours as a watchman/security guard does take a toll on your body. So eat healthily and enough to minimize the bad effects of the job. 


Because you are doing a security job for the farewell of others. It's not just about the money. You are protecting women, children, elderlies, and everyone from other predators. So be happy about it. Because of you, the world is a safer place. Security guards are the necessary deterrent against chaos. And the growth in this field of private security might be slow, but there are vast opportunities for persons who are ready to dedicate themselves.