How to become a Celebrity Security Guard?

How to become a Celebrity Security Guard?

When it comes to celebrities, it is not easy getting out in the open as their fame attracts a lot of fans and paparazzi as well. As you may have seen in the movies or in real life, high-profile celebrities are always accompanied by their Personal Bodyguards for protection. Of course, taking the risk factor into consideration, being a Celebrity Security Guard pays well. Now,

  • If you are into the security profession, then you might have thought of becoming a personal bodyguard to a celebrity. Well, this post will explain to you the specifics of the job and how you can become a Bodyguard to some of the most coveted celebrities in the world.

  • Getting Started in Bodyguard service

    • Client Safety

      • A celebrity security guard keeps the clients safe from fans, exes, stalkers, and the like. One of the basic things they have to make sure is the security and the safety of their clients.

    • No shortcut for this Job

      • There is no shortcut to becoming a celebrity bodyguard, but you can reach there with determination and hard work.

    • There are a few points that you have to keep in mind if you have the goal set in your mind of becoming a celebrity bodyguard. Here are some of the basics of becoming a Celebrity security guard.

  • Education and Training of Celebrity bodyguard

    • Training

      • One of the essential requirements is that the candidates must have some sort of special police or military training. It helps a lot if you are a veteran or ex-military and still in your prime. Most of the firms look to hire bodyguards who have a military history or are veterans or law enforcement officials. Special Ops veterans like are also given priority over other applicants when applying for this job.

    • Education

      • As far as education goes, college is not necessary but it won’t hurt to have participated in some training programs for Celebrity security guard.

  • Experience 

    • Becoming a Celebrity Bodyguard is a very demanding job and you won’t have a shot at the position unless you have proven yourself in the past. You should have been doing security work for a considerable time and at jobs where the commitment is less.

    • Working for a celebrity is not exactly like you see in a movie, rather it requires much more from you than just standing in a black tux and look cool.

    • You can work your way up by working at local security guard jobs. This helps you make your reputation in the security field and helps you build your repertoire.

    • There are some tips and tricks on you can try out to become a more deserving applicant for the job. Prove yourself as a Bodyguard who can think smart on their feet and react in the best possible way in emergencies.

    • Apply and grab some of the difficult jobs that other applicants have rejected. That will add to your experience and also as a reliable bodyguard.

    • Keep your physique in the best shape possible and also train your mind.

  • Skills to Become a Celebrity Security Guard

    • Basic skill requirements are that you need to have above-average strength and intelligence. So when the time comes, you can easily eliminate threats and take down an assailant. Basically, the strength is required to get the client out of harm’s way.

    • Apart from that, a bodyguard must also be good in public relations and that is necessary for every guard working in the field.

    • According to the standard protocol in a majority of the security firms, a guard should be able to handle issues related to media as well as hospitality.

    • Unlike other security jobs, the clients require planning the routes to and from the events. And even have an escape route in case of emergencies.

    • You should be able to handle a crowd of fans while keeping your own calm.

  • Celebrity bodyguard service employment

    • As you can imagine, the job of a Celebrity Security Guard is no small task. In order to successfully bag a position as a Bodyguard for the elite clientele, you need to have a background that speaks for your skills and how you can be the best fit for the position. A good background isn’t what everyone has but it helps to have one.

    • Most of the successful applicants in top security firms have a military background or a law enforcement one. That way, it makes them a good fit for the position by default. They have the necessary skills required.

    • Otherwise, average applicants can’t even get an interview for the post of  Celebrity Bodyguard with the top security services firms even after trying for years.

  • Executive Protection Training

    • There is a training institute in the US that offers specialized training to the aspiring bodyguards who are passionate to become a celebrity security guard.

    • Training on various subjects is given including protection tactics, handgun training, multiple attacker scenarios, concealed carry, and a lot of other necessary things. They are also taught tactics that can minimize or avoid the risk to the client which is crucial. Celebrity Security Guards also have to scout the area prior to the arrival to get an idea of possible risks.

  • Personality

    • Personality-wise Davis Richard says that the most important thing to become a successful celebrity bodyguard is training and willingness to help those who cannot help themselves. Ex-boyfriends, paparazzi az stalkerazzi, psychotic fans. Qualities required for a Celebrity Bodyguard include composition, strength, stamina, the statutory presence of an agent of the Presidential Protection Division, and general knowledge of being a common mate professional.

  • Payscale of Celebrity bodyguard

    • The basic earnings of a celebrity bodyguard start from $100 an hour and go up based on the services they provide.

    • The experience of the bodyguards also plays a crucial role in deciding the salary. The pay scale can also be more if the threat is more to the client.

    • The shifts range from 8 to 12 hours a day.

    • Experienced security guards can rake up to $25,000 to $500,000 depending on the experience and level of skills. You can work your way up the ladder and gradually keep on increasing your skills and along with it, the salary as well.

This was a brief and albeit a comprehensive guide on what it takes to become a Celebrity Security Guard. We hope that it has been useful to you and in making you understand the basics of the topic. There are some more things that also make up a part of this procedure.  If you have any questions, then you can drop a question down in the comment section.

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