Female trainers who are breaking stereotypes all around the world

Female trainers who are breaking stereotypes all around the world

What crosses your mind when we talk about fitness, training, sweating out in a gym, a fitness trainer? Usually, an image of a man with abs and powerful muscles hits our mind. But the whole table gets turned if I say the same in the context of a woman doing the same thing. A bit strange, isn’t it? But again women are breaking stereotypes all around the world. And large numbers of women are coming into this business of training others and becoming female trainers and leaving the mark.

There is a list of many women who are into this fitness program. Fitness buffs might also enjoy the workout routines they follow. They have worked hard to become what they are now and giving their best that they can be, so if you are a female aspiring to become a fitness trainer then all these women mentioned in the list should give you the inspiration about what all you want to do.

Maryam Nasim

After trying her hands-on modeling, Maryam Nasim feels fitness is her domain and she decided to become a fitness trainer. Maryam Nasim says Fitness doesn’t symbolize having a perfect body and to look like a hero. Instead, it means being healthy, eating right, having the energy to carry out your work, feeling positive and great about yourself. She comes under stress if she ever misses her workout session; this shows her love for fitness. She is just a charm, who wants to compete in a fitness competition. She believes that one should never give up what their true passion is, also life is a process that you can improve on with each passing day. Maryam Nasim is one of those female trainers that you just cannot walk past without admiring her.

Jillian Michael

Jillian Michael is one of those beauty plus brain and muscle female trainers that deserve great acclamation. She is a perfect combination of a personal trainer, a businesswoman, an author and a television personality from Los Angeles. Jillian is a black belt who is also trained in kickboxing, yoga, plyometrics, and weight training. She has also hosted a Sunday talk radio show. This is not an end to say something to praise her; she has been involved in a variety of charities. She is now a mother of two and in herself is a whole lot of inspiration.

Sapna Vyas Patel

Sapna Vyas is one of the well-known female trainers from India and a doctoral student who has a great fan following now.  By looking at her flawless figure it is not easy to believe that once she is not in the perfect shape as she is now but her hard work and dedication had turned the table down. She now trains a lot of people, even though her Facebook page. Sapna Vyas is now a Reebok Certified  Fitness Professional. Her tips, diet, and training give us a major fitness goal.

Yasmeen Manak

She is a Reebok Certified Aerobics Instructor, fitness trainer, strength athlete, and also owns a gym. She has won the best figure award at Gladrags Mrs. India. She also trains online and her clients include aspiring models, working professionals along with patients suffering from asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Her hard work to maintain one's figure is enough to inspire to you do the same.

Anllela Sagra

Another fitness model and social media personality who again gives you major fitness goals. She is best known as a sponsored athlete in 1Up Nutrition. She has a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram. Anllela Sagra has now also started her own app which features a series of different exercises that can be done at home also.

Susan Powter

Susan Powter is a power pack of a personal trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and author. She came to fame with her catchphrase Stop the Insanity!, which was a part of her weight loss infomercial. Her aggressive manner of speaking and her close-cropped haircut also shot her to fame. She is the person who follows a low-fat diet, regular cardiovascular, and strength training.

Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner is an American Trainer who is famous for her TV reality show ‘Work Out’. She started off her career early at the age of 18 as a model and actor. Later she became a professional fitness trainer. Surrounded by controversies, she now also owns a gym, Sky Sports and Spa.

Kayla Itsines

This 24 years fitness guru has inspired millions to transform their bodies and follow a routine diet and exercise and with that, she has shaped her passion into a career. Kayla Itsines says Do not cut anything excuse in food as you will waste transportation; just improve the equal diet supported by proper practices. She started off first at a women’s only personal training center and later started offering the mobile-based sessions and then teaching in her own studio. Her transformation photos caught most of the eyes and bring fame to her life, followed by a lot of fan following.  

Shweta Rathore

Shweta Rathore is an international physique athlete who has won many awards and medals related to fitness physique. Shweta Rathore is the founder of Fitness Forever private ltd. She is a vegan bodybuilder who celebrates the strength of women and is a true inspiration. Shweta Rathore follows the theory that never gives up or doesn’t lose hope. Your hard work and sacrifice will surely be fruitful and brings to good result now or later.

Donna Richardson

Donna Richardson is a fitness and aerobics instructor, ESPN television sports commentator. Her fitness videos have gained popularity. Donna Richardson was appointed to serve on President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She is certified by AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) and ACE as an International Fitness Expert. After competing in various aerobics competition she started training other instructors. She has lectured in 40 countries and is also a motivational speaker.

These are some of the female trainers who have successfully broken the stereotype and have proved to the world that women are no less than men. But this, not the end, the list is big enough to inspire you to be a fitness freak.

When it comes to fitness you cannot just sit around and do something by yourself to make it worse by either getting a muscle pulled or giving it a wrong start. So better start looking for a fitness trainer.

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