Different Types OF Security Officers and Business Security Guards

Different Types OF Security Officers and Business Security Guards

Security Officer is a person who is an employee of any private or public security companies and the main duty of security officers is to provide protection to the private or public property, and human.

They can be employed by private security companies or public security companies.

Types Of Security Officers.

1. Armed Guards.

Armed guards are those guards who carry weapons with them. Armed security officers are useful in the condition of high violence and condition which involves inestimable valuables.

It is essential that an armed security officer should have skills of operating firearms and people who work as an armed security officer most probably have a military background either like a retired military person or any paramilitary person.

Private security companies that hire armed security guards give more training to them as compare to unarmed security officers.

2. Unarmed Security Guards.

Unarmed Security Officers are those officers who do not carry any weapons with them. This is vice versa of an armed security officer.

There are a lot of situations there is no requirement of use of firearms so, for these situations an unarmed security officer is suitable. They can carry non-lethal weapons i.e. tasers, pepper spray, etc. 

Security companies hire these security officers to give protections to schools, malls, parking,  parks, shops, etc.

3. Plain Clothes Security Guards.

Here, plainclothes mean clothes that make the security officer separate from the crowd.

In some particular situations, everyone should know about the guard ( what function is he performing ) and in these conditions, a guard should look unique from other people present there.

4. Uniformed Security Guards.

Uniformed security officers are always the center of attraction for the people. Uniformed security officers’ presence can prevent crimes because no one dares to attend a crime such as a robbery in front of security officers.  

5. Proprietary Security Guards.

Security officers who are directly hired by companies ( Private or Public Security companies ) than these officers are proprietary security officers.

Training and all other employee benefits are provided by security companies to these security officers.

6. Contract Security Guards.

The security officers who are hired for a particular time period by security companies, it means they are on contract. They are funded by the company on the company’s pay plan but they are not the permanent employee of the company.

7. Patrol Security Guards.

Patrol security officers have the responsibility for an area that is assigned to them by their security companies. Assigned security officers move in the area in different shifts.

They can also use the vehicle for their moving. 

8. Personal Security Guards.

Personal Security Guards are those officers who are hired to give protection to someone individual. Security companies do the background checking of these security officers on a very high level.

The position assigned to these guards is called close protection or executive protection.

These security officers are also known as BODYGUARD. These officers are trained for different situations because no two days are the same on the job for them.

Security companies provide them their best training and these security officers are highly paid as compared to all other types of security officers.

9. Residential Security Guards.

The security officers who are hired to provide protection to private homes. Private security companies train these guards in such a manner that these security officers can easily monitor activity on the guards.

These security officers have to keep their eyes on the windows and doors of the resident. 

A large resident with a large gate position the guards on the main gate and guards keep controlling the place from there.

10. Business Security Guards.

The security officers are hired by security companies to give protection to the property related to business.

Security companies give full responsibilities to these officers of the corporate property and instructions given to these guards are simple and clear i.e. they do not allow anyone to enter the company without a proper appointment or identity card.

Various Types Of Business Security Guards.

A. Establishment of Security Guards.

There are so many establishments that are open to the public or big group of people who want a team that provides security services to administer their property. 

Schools, apartments, big societies, hospitals, bars, museums, banks, hotels, etc are some of the examples of these properties.

b. Corporate Security Guards. 

Corporate buildings such as offices, business headquarters, complexes, etc need security officers to make entry who is entering the building and who is exiting the building. These guards do not allow anyone to enter in building without a proper appointment and identity guard.

c. Warehouse Security Guards.

The security officers who are posted at the warehouse building to provide protection to both personal and inventory.

These guards are work in shift and they are available for 24 hours. Security companies allow them to take some rest for some hours and security companies do not train them much because there is no requirement of any special training to keep eye on a warehouse.

These are some of the types of security officers who are classified by security companies.