Confession of bodyguard

Confession of bodyguard

We all have seen and heard of many confession pages on many social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and we all are curious to read those confessions. There are different confession stories that you might have read about but have you ever thought about or ever read about the confessions of a security guard.

No. Don’t be in a shock. I am really asking you about the confession stories of a security guard. If you have never heard or read about it then here are some experiences of security guards. These confessions cum experiences would let you know what they all go through when they are at work.

  • Confession of fashion week security guard

A lady security guard at New York Fashion week said that she is working as a fashion week security guard for a long time now. Being in fashion security their main purpose is to keep all the good people inside and the bad ones outside. She said that there are many times that some people came here and pretend that they have really come there for fashion but fashion is not the main aim for which they have come there. Once a pervert arrived along with the crowd and started creating a nuisance for others. It was hard for them to control him but they handed him to the police. From their experience, they can recognize such people just by looking at their faces.

  • Experience of guards for Trump

The guard assigned to be the hotel rover. He was assigned to spend the night walking every floor and stairwell in the 23-floor structure. He was assigned to look for guests in distress, messes that needed to be cleaned up and homeless vagrants. Some of the homeless vagrants are clever enough o know that there is a huge walk-in the linen closet and they would sneak up in the hotel and create elaborate nests. He has found two such places and was in search of another when his situation became precarious. Searching the floor thoroughly he found that he was later trapped. It was then 6 o’clock. But no one has found him yet. When he was found he was told that he was fired with charged with larceny for stealing the assigned radio. He went to take all his gatherings when he was again told that he was hired back after getting to know the entire situation. It was flattering for him to be saved for the day and both the worst and best day at the same time.

  • Confession of a lady security guard

Tonika, the security guard from California shares her experience. She believed that she has walked into a career full of boredom with spurts of excitement. But late she got to know that the excitement comes with a cost. Once she went to a rental car warehouse for patrolling at night. She only has a medium-sized flashlight with her. Then suddenly she heard something drop to the floor. Her heart rate suddenly rose, she speed-walked back to the guard shack and locked the guard doors. Yet her daily activities report stated that she has completed that portion of foot patrol every 30 minutes.

  • Confession of a casino security guard

There is a guard name Nicholas who works in a casino in Central City, Colorado. He says that there is the guy whom they called Bubba; they didn’t know his real name though. He was a bad brat who drove a big ass lifted truck. He entered the casino and seemed to be irritated when asked for his ID. After searching around in his overalls, he pulls his wallet out and slams a concealed carry permit on the guard’s podium. When Nicholas told him that he could not accept it, Bubba tried to walk past him. Nicholas tried to stop him and called his supervisor when Bubba pulled his gun out. There was much crowd at that time and watching all the rush and the nuisance the Surveillance called the police. They then had him in cuffs in less than 5 min.

  • Another experience from another guard working for LP agents. He said that there are some people who quickly confess when they are caught stealing while there are some who go insane when they are caught stealing. One of the agents has caught a suspect and when he started to resist the agent came up with the idea, though a bad one, of using pepper spray. The guy went crazier and ended up kicking out the window to the office which overlooked the floor. Fortunately, no customer was hurt. But this is the level of craziness such people have.

  • Confession of another security guard from a casino

As the guard said, there was a guy who looked like an agent with a massive lump on his chest was playing poker. The guard continuously kept on staring at that agent kind of guy, for the lump for sp massive as if he was hiding something and then he noticed that there was the small baby who was staring back at the guard with his small eyes. The guard was in an urgency to go somewhere so he informed his supervisor about the situation. When asked about it he started off on them saying it’s his right to have his child with him. He was later handed off to the police as it is against the law to bring the child under the age of 21, even infants, on the gaming floor.

The confessions are never-ending these are just some of them, sharing their experiences some good and some bad. With the changing shifts, he or she takes stock of what the previous shift has encountered but here we are letting everyone know that what they face during their working hours. Security guards play a critical role in protecting buildings, assets, and people. Having long shifts from 7 am to 7 pm or vice versa is sometimes boring for them too. So making them ask to share the experience is just a way of making their work a bit fun.