There are so many security companies present world widely whose main function is to provide security services to both public and private bodies. Mainly all security companies provide security services such as security guards, parking security, guard dogs, bodyguards and many more.

The services provided by the private security companies normally described as giving protection to the property, people and information and big amount of security guards needed in it.

There are so many good security companies present globally but here, the list of security companies which provide the best services to the clients

1. G4S.

 G4S is a security company whose headquarter is located in London, UK. This security company has been providing security services since 1901. It means this security company is founded in 1901 in Denmark but now it’s principal office is in Crawley, UK.

This is the largest security company in terms of revenues in the world. G4S is currently working in 125 countries. This company has a strength of approximately 6 lacks employees including all their security guards, security officers to provide security services.

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This company basically provides security services in two areas:

A. Secure Solutions  

G4S provides manned security, security system and risk consulting to the government and commercial companies.

B. Cash Solutions

G4S provides cash solutions to banks, retailers and financial firms. Cash solutions include cash cycle management, cash in transit, etc.

 But G4S’s main service is to provide security services of guarding and for these security services it trains security guards for the security service and training given by this company to its security guards are of huge level compare to all other security companies.

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2. Security AB

This company was founded in 1934 in Helsingborg. The headquarter of this security services providing company is in Sweden.

Security Ab currently working in more than 60 countries of the world. This security company has the manpower of 30k workers including all it’s security bodyguards, security officers whose main function is to provide security services to the client.

The main geographical area of operating of this company in Latin America, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Monitoring Systems, Canine services, alarm services, security consulting, track and track services, these are some security services which are provided by this big security company.

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3. ADT

ADT is the security company that was founded as a telegraph organization whose main work was to send the instructions to the gold stock exchange floor and get instructions from it. Do not know what inspired the telegraph company that changed its model of business.

In present ADT is one of the biggest security services provide security companies. The main service of ADT is providing alarms services and surveillance systems in the United States of America.

ADT has more than 20k employees including all it’s security guards, security officers who provide services to the companies 8million consumers.

The main security services of ADT are retail security, office solution, and mechanical solution.

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4. Dyn Corp

This company is founded in 1946 and it’s headquartered is present in McLean, Virginia.

DynCorp is an American security services provider company that provides security to the aeronautics corporations in the world. Mainly this company trained its security guards to help the forces of the country.

The total number of employees in the company is more than 14000 including all security bodyguards and security officers and the main purpose of these employees is to provide the best security services.

The security services provided by Dyn Corp are flight operation support, intelligence training and support, and mainly security operations and maintenance of land vehicles. Other than the above security services, the other services are aviation, an interactive map, case study, logistic and contingency operation and case study.  

This security company had provided support to US Forces in Afganistan, Peru, Kuwait, etc. 

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5. GardaWord

GardWorld is the security company of Canada and the headquarter of this company is located in Montreal Canada. The main services provided by this company are services related to security and business solutions to the clients which are present all over the world.

The company is as big as 62k manpower and it more than other security companies and the GardaWord provides key protection in the complex and high threat area. GardaWord provides the armed security guards to the customers as well as other common services which are crisis management, federal services, and Aviation safety. The company is mainly operated in the USA and Middle-East office in Dubai.

These are some of the best security companies which provide the best services to their clients. All companies are different from each other but there is one common thing in all these security companies that is they all have very well trained security guards and officers. Other than these security companies, there are so many security companies that are increasing their standard and giving training to their security guards or officers at a very high level to give tough competition to these security companies. 

6. Allied Universal

Allied Universal is a privately owned security services company based in the United States. The company also offers janitorial services, Staffing, and security systems. It is a merger combination of earlier 3 companies - Spectaguard, Barton Protective Services, Initial, and Allied Security. In the year 2016, Allied Barton merged with another company Universal Services of America and was change company to Allied Universal.

Allied Security was founded in 1957 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company provided security guards on contracted base and related services. In the year 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based, another USA based security company Spectaguard acquired Allied to form Allied Security and as a result, became listed in the top 5  largest security companies in the United States. In 2003, Allied Security acquired Professional Security Bureau. Next year in 2004, Allied also acquired another company Security Systems Inc. (SSI) of Malden, Barton and MA Protective Services to form Allied Barton Security Services - creating the largest US-owned contract security services company in the United States. Two years later, in 2006, Allied Barton acquired Initial Security for $73.6 million.

In 2015, Wendel, a Paris-based private-equity firm, acquired Allied Barton Security Services for US$1.67 billion.

In 2018, the radio program This American Life ran an hour-long feature story about widespread sexual harassment and racism at Allied and the company's lack of response to it. The program includes an interview with Chief Executive Steve Jones, who fields questions about the company's reassignment of supervisors accused in numerous lawsuits and formal complaints about sexual harassment and racist language. In response to the allegations, Allied Universal reaffirmed its commitment to a workplace free from discrimination or harassment of any type by adding training, HR resources, and making personnel changes to maintain the trust and confidence of its employees and customers. Independent investigations regarding the allegations are ongoing.

7. Control Risks

Control Risks multinational security was formed in 1975, as a professional adviser to the insurance industry. A subsidiary of insurance broker Hogg Robinson, the company aimed to minimize their exposure to kidnap and ransom payouts. The company expanded its capabilities when this incident response and crisis management specialists were joined by security and political risk analysts, before becoming independent in 1982 following a management buyout.

The company formed a joint venture with International SOS in 2008, and through this partnership provides travel security services and advice to customers’ business travelers and expatriate employees. In 2010, the company Risks launched an eDiscovery offering to support organizations with complex, multinational litigation issues.

The company has 3,000 employees, operating from more than 35 offices and with a presence in more than 95 countries and cities.

The company counts Siemens, Huawei, HSBC, Walgreen Boots Alliance, GSK China,  China National Petroleum Corporation as customers to advise them on complex risk management issues and executive extractions.

8. The Brink's Company

The Brink's Company is a US Based private security and protection company headquartered outside Richmond, Virginia. Its core business is Brink's Inc.; it's parallel or sub-brand Brink's Home Security company operates separately and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Brink's brand and reputation span around the globe. In 2013, its international network serves clients or/ and customers in more than 105 countries and employs approximately 140,000 people. Operations include approximately 1,150 facilities and 13,500 vehicles. The company emerged from the Pittston Company and changed its name to the Brink's Company in 2003.

9. CAIC International

CACI- A American multinational professional service and IT company, according to our rank list ith 9th rank largest security companies in the world with approximately USD 5 Billion revenue yearly. CAIC was founded in 1962, Company headquarter at Arlington County, Virginia, USA.

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