10 Protection Devices For Women

10 Protection Devices For Women

Why we are discussing protection devices for women inappropriate? It might be the initial thought that welled up your mind. Well, every woman is a Superwoman certainly right from being a daughter, an autonomous woman, to being a wife and the list goes on, and having a need for security doesn’t really establish that woman are the weakest link of our community. But each and every day newspapers are glutted with cases of Eve-teasing, rape, molestation, domestic violence, and whatnot.

If we check the statistics; Nearly four out of five women (79 percent) in India have gone through some form of harassment or violence. At least 34,651 cases of rape were reported across India last year, according to The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. At least 72% of reported acid attacks. And this is the opaque truth of our country. Women are vulnerable to violence and every three minutes women are being victimized, violated, harassed.

So as far as personal safety is concerned, it’s better to be prepared than to be getting caught in the web, for prevention is always better than cure. And here we’ve piled up 10 of the handiest personal devices that every woman should carry with herself and that will make them feel safer and confident when they step out.

So, here are some effective protection devices for women that will ensure that women are safe when they step out of their houses.

1. Pepper Spray 

This is the most prominent protection device for women that we all are well known. Pepper spray is a chemical mixture that hurts the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness. If you feel something fishy around you just grab your spray from your bag and just splash it on attacker’s face, Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision and you’ll get ample amount of time to rescue or call out for help.

You can also make your own pepper spray at home with and some freshly crushed pepper Swaad Anusara.

2. Mobile Stun Guns 

Mobile stun guns just look like any other cell phones but do not function as a cell phone, only a stun device. A stun gun is one of the immobilizing protection devices for women that momentarily disables the attacker with an electric shock. They are super handy and don’t even leave the impression of any kind of protection device. The high voltage mobile phone stun guns give you the assistance of surprise and let you break free from an attack.

Keep your body parts away from where the beams are emitted or else you’ll get yourself stunned at the end.

3. Telescopic Steel Baton

If someone wants to make trouble, you'll have something for them. The telescopic steel baton is a self-defense weapon that can merely fit in your palm but can extend up to 16, 21, or 26 inches with just a flick of the wrist and can conceal back easily. These two are available just some finger taps away. A whack with one of these will obtain someone who holds twice. These can be used for both defensive and offensive use.

You have banging devastation in your palms. So next time someone messes up with you just knock'em down.

4. Kubotan Keychains

These weird sounding key chains can actually tear yours apart from your attacker. Kubotan key chains are protection devices for women developed by Takayuki Kubota. Which is purely a martial art weapon that is concealed and transformed into a self-defense device. Its size is as same as a marker pen, not more than 5.5 inches long, and about half an inch in diameter, it is lined with six round grooves with swivel and multiple ring attachment at other ends for keys.

Wanna try some martial arts? The kubotan keychain is for you. Make sure you don’t rip off the wrong person.

5. Tactical Pen

one of the handiest protection devices for women which may be small in size but it will do justice when it comes to your protection. A tactical pen is actually a hidden self- defense mechanism. capable of restraining and incapacitating. It has a striking tip although not piercing sharp such a point will be more effective to cause pain to the attacker with less force applied. Plus not too heavy for your pocket.

How well it is said that A Pen is stronger than a sword.

6. Monkey Fist Keychain Balls

Yet another range of self-defense keychain. It is as odd as its name suggests but this little one can do wonders in your hand. This keychain contains a 1- inch steel ball wrapped in the high-quality cord. Swing or throw it at your attacker and you may just hurt them really bad. The string attached to it gives more velocity to the swing and a better grip.

Be cautious while swinging it, your monkey fist might jam your face.

7. Siren

As the name suggests, it has a deafening ear-splitting sound that can confuse and distract the attacker. Don’t worry they are not going to occupy any space in your car, bags, or even your pocket because this agonizing siren is compacted in a ring. Yes, you heard it right a ring, you only have to twist the top of the ring to the left, in order to release the loud sound. Its sleek design and easy access make its function evident in different situations.

The better part is that you can show them off too.

8. Kuba Kickz Knuckles

These are the non-lethal self-defense tool customized for your shoes. It is incredibly light in weight Knuckles fits above the tongue and between the laces of your shoe to provide a simple, lightweight, yet devastatingly effective. Random and abrupt kicks to an attacker's arms and legs can help you escape a dangerous situation even a simple kick will make your attacker re-thinking for making you the victim again.

Unfortunately, options for shoes are incredibly limited for women so more fashion-conscious women may steer clear of these.

9. Tear Gas Spray

There comes the counterpart of pepper spray, which makes your attacker go teary-eyed. It is a chemical weapon that causes eye, respiratory, and skin irritation. It contains synthetic organic halogen compounds that have a powder-like consistency at room temperature. These gas sprays can easily ward off the evils making them ouch for some time or maybe more.

The only thing more terrifying than being tear gas sprayed is being torn gas sprayed on your own.

10. Ultrasonic Dog Repellent 

Not just human attackers there are attackers that you may not be able to control. This device is the safest and most lenient way to stave off aggressive animals. It emits sound waves of frequencies (20,000Hz – 25,000Hz) that cannot be heard by humans but can be heard by dogs and cats. It enables to keep you on the safer side from hostile dogs.

Dogs considered human's best friend but some might not be that friendly as you think.

These were some sample amount of devices and tools that should definitely use to just keep yourself safe. The best protection a woman can have is courage, and these will only boost your courage. So pick your devices soon.

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