Best Guard Dogs Breeds for Family and Children Protection

Best Guard Dogs Breeds for Family and Children Protection

It's not the measurement of the dog in the fight, it's the measurement of the fight in the dog

Who proves the family that no one in the entire dark night would even dare to look up to the family’s place. It is a dog, who is so loyal always that he wouldn’t mistake a single careless movement so that his family is not disturbed at all.

  • People are so much attached to dogs, nowadays, not as dogs but as family members.

  • Dogs are being offered personal bedrooms, whereas sibling has to share one.

  • A vegetarian family is bringing home no –veg dishes just because this is good for the breed they have.

In the bathrooms of dog (as pet) owners you will find less of shampoo being consumed for the owner but more of it being foamed in the dog’s fur. But, why is this happening, there is always a reason behind every action. As every action has a cause.

A dog can protect you the way no other guard can, you can be certain that your dog is never going to break your heart be it anyways. But when we talk about dogs to there are too many breeds present to be chosen from and these breeds of hounds are also separately suitable for separate areas.

There are certain breeds which must be talked about:

1.The Boxer

Very active, energetic, and friendly breed of not very large in size. They can surely be a love for the old kids. Bringing to the note we shouldn’t forget that this breed may get a bit hyperactive and may come upon attacking small kids if it finds a threat to itself, hence maybe not so good for families with small babies.

2. The Saint Bernard

This breed in spite of all its gentleness is really very strong and intelligent at the same time but being a social dog this breed likes roaming and socializing so make sure you provide it with one. Its major downside is it does slabber.

3.The Newfoundland

These are dogs with no issues, whether it’s a cat or any other pets. Very gentle with bigger size, even take down intruders. They get very easily trained. Also called as Newfies. It can also do labor work. But do need regular exercise.

4.The Bernese Mountain Dog

They are most similar to Newfoundland, gentle with children and with other animals. They hate being alone. So, a bad choice if not at home most times. The Bernese Mountain dog needs proper grooming and exercise.

5.The Bullmastiff

This breed though as a fierce look but yet it has a soft touch and this gentle giant doesn't bite but is capable enough to perk the intruder with its heavyweight this breed does not requires much grooming so if you want to have a breed with good appearance but don’t have much time to spare this one is for you.

6.The German shepherd

The German shepherd gets very easily trained. Commonly used in military services. They are very calm, even in the worst times. This fearless and faithful breed makes an awesome and loyal guard. The only snag of this canine is it needs physical and mental engagement.

7.The Collie

The United States most loved the dog, that got famous by Hollywood Lassie. Very graceful dog, that can even bark when just sensed unexpected things. It is an ideal choice as they are very smart. Brushing once a week is sufficient for them.

8.The Airedale Terrier

It’s very smart and gets very easily trained, most energetic, and really smart. It needs physical and mental attention. It also got a very high maintenance cost. Don’t make this breed to lie lazily on the sofa for hours.

9.The Great Dane

Easy going and a friendly giant with hair-raising bark. But do get upset when left home alone. It’s a perfect choice if looking for a loyal guard dog. It loves Skulking in the house.

10.The Akita

Got babies and small kids, then this is the dog for you. These nanny dogs are huge with safeguarding inclinations. Smart enough to investigate, and won’t bark until worst have gone through. This dog needs a daily training and extra dedication.

So whenever you think that in this world there is a lot to fear about and you get worried THINK ABOUT A DOG AND SMILE.

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